Monday, October 26, 2009

Craft time?

Our area has been hard hit by the flu - they just announced that all of the public schools will be closed until next Monday. My girls attend a private Christian school and so far it's closed through tomorrow. The girls are feeling some better today. I'm hoping, after Daddy gets home this evening, to get a chance to slip downstairs and create a card. :)

Blessings & Praises:
My girls are feeling better.
Daddy is renting a video to help with the cabin fever.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My first attempt at posting!

Unfortunately I have no cards or projects to post. My daughters came down with H1N1 Flu on Wednesday and are still running a temp. I started running a temp. today and feeling achy all over, so it will probably be a while yet before I get a chance to craft.

Blessings & Praises:
I was able to mostly figure out how to get my blog set up.
The H1N1 Flu hasn't been life threatening for us.
Even though my bloodwork is still positive for cancer my body scan came back negative. PTL
I've had some good phone time with my sister in FL.